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Valetines Week 2016 Schedule

Hey there, As we all know Valentine week is nearby, And Everybody tries to take full benefit of Valentine Week, Some people express their Love, Some spend Special time with their Loved Ones.
This time is generally referred as – “Season of Love”. Valentine Week begins with the Second week of February and the main highlight of Valentine Week is Valentine’s  Day (Saint Valentine’s Day). Every Teen and Adult gravely waits for Valentine Week because This day can change their life one way or another.This is the week for all to confess all the feelings which they have towards anybody.

Valentine Week List-

1.Rose Day
2. Propose Day
3.Chocolate Day
4. Teddy Day
5. Promise Day
6. Kiss Day
7. Valentines Day

Feb 7- Rose Day 

It is the start of Valentine Week that can give a astounding start to the week. This is the time when people give  Roses to thereCrushes to show that they have got some feelings toward that person.
Tips for Rose Day
For the One’s who are in a Relationship-
Spend quality time with your loved one at your or her/his favourite place or explore new places with your loved ones. As this is the start try to make it fabulous. 
For the One’s who are Single-
You can give a combination Red and Yellow Roses as signify Friendship and Love. It will directly strike the person.
happy rose day

Feb 8- Propose Day

This is a very important day for the Singles who are about to get into a Relationship. The people already in Relationship can also take the benefit of the day by Proposing there Loved One for Marriage
Tips For Propose Day  
For the One’s who are Single-
Take the person to a peaceful and Romantic place and Spend quality time with the person , and when you get the feel that this is the perfect time, confess what you have in you heart. Bending on knees while proposing makes the Propose more romantic.
For the One’s who are in a Relationship-
This day can be the best day of the week , this day can make your relationship forever. You can propose by putting the best Chocolates along with the Proposal Ring in a basket or by ordering a Cake with Proposal written on it. 
happy propose day

Feb 9- Chocolate Day 

This day has got a very noteworthy meaning behind it , This day isn’t meant for lovers only , this is for Friends also. People give chocolates to sweeten there Relationship and Bond. This day can also give you priceless memories.
For the One’s who are Single-
Take bunch of Chocolates with a Red Rose , a rose is enough to make  moment a memory. Try to get best out of this day , Give a Romantic gift to the person , There are many chocolates available in the market that come in boxes of Heart shape , many chocolates are also available of heart shape.
For the One’s who are in a Relationship-
Spread the sweetness all over. I will suggest to go to Orphanage and give all children chocolates. Many Children around us poor who cant afford luxuries like us. So giving them happiness will make your Relationship healthy. You and Your partner both will get happy doing this.
happy chocolate day

Feb 10-Teddy Day

This is the best day to treat your Girl like a princess. Teddy is like a special thing that presents the  innocence, loyalty and joy towards the partner and obviously girls love such kind of things.
happy teddy day

Feb 11- Promise Day

Promise Day is celebrated in agreement that each one promises each other that doesn’t matter if their relation doesn’t last endlessly, the important thing is that till the time they are together their relation would stay very true & loyal. People also promise like they will leave there bad habits for the one they love.
For the One’s who are Single-
You need to persuade your partner that you are honest and loyal to your love.By doing this,you not only show that you are loyal but also increase the trust for you.
For the One’s who are in a Relationship-
Plan a Romantic date with your partner. And Promise your partner to leave that thing behind which He/She hates  ( Mostly Alcohol in Boys). This will be a Promise to your partner of being together forever.

 happy promise day

Feb 12- Hug Day 

 Hug Day is basically celebrated for that the affection and value of any relationship, whether it’s Friendship or Love it will remain very pristine and will grow through the comfort and care for each other.
For the One’s who are Single-
Her tone  is flat when she talks  It means either she is ruffled with you or she is not interested in some hug.So don’t do that anyway. Choose a Perfect place,it can be either your home or her home to get intimate.Hugging in public place can go erroneous for both you.
For the One’s who are in a Relationship-
Make sure you smell good! This includes your body,hair and breath.Wear cool clothes,that will effect if wants to hug you. Use some Seductive perfume .
happy hug day

Feb 13- Kiss Day 

Kiss Day is the favourite day for most Lovers worldwide, People kiss each other  and by doing that they two belong to each other and communicates countless feelings. It is the best way to express your love.

Tips For A Perfect Kiss-
1.Always Keep you breath fresh ,bad breath can spoil the moment
2.Never let your lips dry
3.Pick The Perfect Place
4.Wear Appropriate Clothes
5.Find the perfect moment
6.Take it slow and do it for short period if its your and her first Kiss
7.Hold her hands while kissing
happy kiss day

Feb 14- Valentine’s Day

Finally after all the Passionate days,Now It’s the time for most awaited day that every single person awaits and Love is thrived on each one , Young Hearts finally coming out with their true feelings. This is the day which can change your life a million ways.
happy valentines day 2016

Gift Ideas for a Perfect Valentine’s Day-

For Her-

1.You can gift her Jewellery -Personalized keychains,Name Pendants, Ear Rings all are good options.
2.You can gift her a Dress

For Him-

  1. You can gift him a Watch
2.You can give him his favourite book , gadget ,wtc.
This coming week can change your life one way or another. Best Wishes from us if you found your love and Don’t Loose Hope if u are rejected , Keep believing in this wonderful thing Love,  Through This , I conclude my Post ,Stay connected for few more posts on Valentine Week… 
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